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Green Fed

a blog about a girl who decided eating plants was the way to go

Have you ever heard of Tempeh?  Yah, me neither, until we started eating a Plant-Based diet!

What is Tempeh?  Go HERE. It’s PACKED with Protein, and it’s got a great, nutty, firm texture (much like ground turkey of beef).

It can be used in place of any type of ground meat- in chili, soups, meat balls, tacos, pasta sauces… the list goes on and on.  My favorite Tempeh has been the version from Trader Joe’s Organic 3 Grain Tempeh.

This week, I made a fresh tomato sauce, (just cooked up some fresh tomatoes with a little olive oil, garlic and spices), sauteed up some tempeh with onions and peppers, and then poured it over some pasta.  We then sprinkled it with some Nutritional Yeast (in place of parmesean).  So fresh and yummy!!



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